The TNGC - A brief intro.

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The TNGC - A brief intro.

Post by Crasp » Tue Oct 31, 2006 2:04 am

(posted again, because as i was deleting some bot link-replies, i managed to erase this post 8) )

Welcome to our corner of the interweb. Ill kick off the lesson with the basics, our communal name...

Terra Nova Gaming COMMUNITY

Terra Nova: Latin, meaning new world.

The name of the community itself should give you a good idea of what exactly we are all about. You will also notice i capslocked "community" in the extention of the acronym above, and i can't emphasise enough how true that is. We are always looking for likeminded people to join our community, and though the usual means of this being done is to be found ingame, that does not mean that you cant introduce yourself and bring along good company, new games and other general interests.

Our moto is "who you play with is what makes a game fun". Weve found this to be true having played in several games over the life of the TNGC so far, and we aim to bring an environment to expand your gaming and bring a new element of continuity to your online career. As games come and go, the TNGC picks up new people and new releases ensuring the continued fun for all the members. However, as the Community manager and owner Firejack rightly states, we dont aim to be the biggest, we aim to be the best. We are fairly picky about membership, but not in the conventional sense. As you could expect from any community wed like it if you knew what the strange lumps on the grey board infront of you did, but of prime importance is your company. I could spend all day with people who didnt have a clue what they were doing ingame provided theyre a good laugh on Teamspeak, Im sure the same goes for the rest of our members.

Each forum represents a venture into a different game by our members, or differing clans/guilds created within the same game. For instance, we have two types of WoW guild, we have a CS;S clan for a bit of fun or the elite Planetside groups Starwolf and MAP. Inside each forum as an announcement you can find a post containing everything you need to know to get started, join the division and what the division itself is all about.

But its not all fun and games, oh no. We also discuss serious matters like Firejacks constant battle against BT (im sure hes on the NTL payroll) and what to do if your delete key gets stuck, causing you to lose brain functions and basic motorskills.

Make yourself at home

if its a weekend and im posting, prepare for nonsense.


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