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Myriad Apocalypse Project :: StarAdmiralx

Post by Staradmiral » Mon Dec 03, 2012 8:14 pm

Your name: Dominik
Your in-game name: StarAdmiralx
Your Age: 24
Nationality: Poland
Have microphone (yes/no)? YES

Favourite class: heavy assault/medic
Favourite ground vehicle: no preference yet
Favourite air vehicle: no preference yet

How did you find us? Planetside 2 forums
Are you a returning member to the Outfit/Community? no
Do you have a friend in the Outfit? If yes, who? no

I am a native english speaker living in Poland. I am new to planetside 2 and have only played a couple of days. Although I am still on the learning curve in planetside 2, I am a long time FPS fan with years of team fortress 2 experience, and battlefield 2, and recently BF3. I am a good communicator and enjoy playing with others who also use microphones. Sorry for the double post, I would like to apply to both BF3 and planetside 2 for this gaming community.


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