Myriad Apocalypse Project: Squad/Platoon Leader applications

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Myriad Apocalypse Project: Squad/Platoon Leader applications

Post by blitzkrieg » Fri Jan 18, 2013 10:56 am

Greetings, this is for any one applying for our spots to squad/platoon lead.

We need someone who will:
Lead on a regular basis. (When I say lead, I really mean lead your squad or platoon)
Has a good strategical and Tactical mindset.
Will Integrate into our outfit and community.
Be active.
Will encourage teamwork.
Excellent English skills.
Need to have a Microphone

However, do not worry, you wont have to squad/platoon lead every day, unless you want to. Since all the squad/platoon leaders will get tired and to do something else as it can be quite draining.

Please respond in this thread, we will get back to any applications as soon as possible. We are only looking for one squad/platoon leader.

- Blitzkrieg - Destroyer of Forums, Angriest Gamer in the World.

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