Myriad Apocalypse Project: fahadansari

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Myriad Apocalypse Project: fahadansari

Post by Fahadansari » Mon May 06, 2013 1:48 am

Hi guys, sorry for repeat, but i wasnt logged in before....

Your name: Fahad Ansari (freddy)
Your in-game name: FahadAnsari
Your Age: 32
Nationality: British
Have microphone (yes/no)? Yes

Favourite class: Split equally between Heavy Assault, Engineer, Medic - whatever is needed really
Favourite ground vehicle: Harasser
Favourite air vehicle: cant fly for the life of me

How did you find us? PS wikia
Are you a returning member to the Outfit/Community? No
Do you have a friend in the Outfit? If yes, who? No

Keen Fps gamer, have been pretty involved with BF series but now also expanding to PS2 which is an amazing game. Have put in a few hours and am a level 20. I have been playing lone wolf for a while (joined an outfit but whos 7 players are never online!!) and would love to get the full and proper experience of the game playing as part of a proper outfit! I am not the best player but someone who gives it his all!

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Re: Myriad Apocalypse Project: fahadansari

Post by blitzkrieg » Mon May 06, 2013 4:28 am

Greetings Fred

Thanks for applying to MAP. Nice to see others are enjoying the Harasser as much as I am! Fantastic little machine. Just so you know, we have a Battlefield section as well mate, so you're welcome to get stuck in there as well with us.

I've pmed you with our TS details if you fancy coming on for a chat mate.

- Blitzkrieg - Destroyer of Forums, Angriest Gamer in the World.

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Re: Myriad Apocalypse Project: fahadansari

Post by Firejack » Mon May 06, 2013 1:44 pm

Application accepted, welcome!

I've given you member forum access so you can browse the other sections :)
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