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Membership Application - POTBS - Rebecca le Tigre

Post by Phroggy07 » Thu Feb 28, 2008 2:40 am

Your First name:


Your in game name:

Rebecca le Tigre (NO-20) / Giselle Duberry (FT-30)

Your Age:


How you heard about us:

I see Usarina (pretty distinctive name) around the game frequently, and have participated in PVP with other members. I have always appreciated how members sommunicate with each other and other players; conversations can get heated sometimes, but everyone is always respectful.

Are you a returning member to the Community?

No, First time application

Your motivation for joining:

I have been looking for a group to cooperate with PVP and to join in with economics of the game, mostly geared toward shipbuilding.

What Class do you play as?

I play as both FT and NO, but am only using my FT character (lv 30) as a shipbuilding character, and plan on leveling my NO to lv 50.

What aspect of the game do you enjoy the most? eg: Open sea PvP, Port defense/offense, Economy etc.

I like just about every aspect of the game, but most enjoy grouping and hunting pirates. I would also like to get into port assaults, but have been too low to do any good in the battles.

Would you describe yourself as a hardcore or casual gamer? What amount of time are you willing to put into the game?

I am more of a hardcore gamer, but sometimes have to take extended time off as I am in the military and have to deploy from time to time. Usually, I play at least a few hours a night.

Hope to hear from you soon!


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