Membership Request: POTBS - Sunist Jenalow.

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Membership Request: POTBS - Sunist Jenalow.

Post by Sunist » Fri Feb 29, 2008 5:21 pm

Your First name (surname is optional):


In-game name:

Sunist Jenalow.



How you heard about us:

From POTBS, much respect for your society on Roberts.

Are you a returning member to the Community? If so, which division where you a member of (Clan Diamond Wolf, Starwolf, Nemetos Order etc)?


Your motivation for joining:

We were a bunch of real life friends in a smaller society leveling up, the game wasnt for everyone so were left with the options of continuing with less that a squadrons worth of people, or join up with a larger society, TerraNova was the society that impressed us the most. So here we are.

What Class do you play as? Freetrader, Privateer or Naval Officer?

Level 40 NO.

What aspect of the game do you enjoy the most? eg: Open sea PvP, Port defense/offense, Economy etc.

The PvP, the port fights, the aquisition of wealth, all of these motivate me to log on to POTBS and play.

Would you describe yourself as a hardcore or casual gamer? What amount of time are you willing to put into the game?

Hardcore, although I do not dedicate myself to one game, I can put the required time in and more to play POTBS, inbetween raiding on WoW, and EvE, I have more than enough free time to devote toPOTBS.

Thanks for reading, hope to hear from you soon. o/


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