Druid wanting to join your ranks =)

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Druid wanting to join your ranks =)

Post by Sylviax » Fri Apr 04, 2008 9:52 pm

Your First name: Halldór ( Icelandic :p )

Your in game name: Sylviax

Your Age: 19

How you heard about us: Well i´v just seen some of you around, but i found this webpage when i decided to look if you were needing a druid on the recruitment forms.

Are you a returning member to the Community? If so, which division where you a member of (Clan Diamond Wolf, Starwolf, Nemetos Order etc)? Nope, I´m not

Your motivation for joining:I feel like going back into raiding, Want to have some hard core raiding action like pre TBC :p,

* Main Character Name: Sylviax
* Main Character Class: Druid
* Main Character Level: 70



* Moltan Core - Yes Complete
* Onyxia - Yes Complete
* Zul'Gurub - Yes Complete
* Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj - Yes Complete
* BlackWing Lair - Yes Complete
* Temple of Ahn'Qiraj - Yes Complete
* Naxxramas - Yes, but did not Complete


(If you haven't cleared any bosses but are attuned we would also like to know)

* Karazhan - Yes, Complete
* Gruuls Lair - Yes, Complete
* Maghteridons Lair - Yes, i´v been there but not killed him
* Serpenshrine Cavern - Yes, But only Hydross
* Tempest Keep - No

I´m Resto speccd atm, was just having some fun, But i´m willing to go Into feral or resto just what you wish really , My resto gear is just some pvp items and a few kara drops ( not that good ) but i´m willing go resto non-the less, My feral gear is fairly decent, I´v tanked Gruul, Adds in mag´s Lair and Lurker below ( if you want to know more about my ask me ingame and i´ll give you info i want as soon as i respecc into feral if you want me as that )

Magic Resistances

If you have any resistance gear please post how much you have in each.

* Nature -
* Fire -
* Shadow -
* Arcane -
* Frost -

I´m not sure what i have in each one, but i have loads of resistance gears in bank i haven´t botherd to check up on for some time now :(,

* Primary professions - Jewlcrafting Engineering
* Secondary Professions - First aid, Cooking , Fishing,

Any Rare Patterns/recipes/plans?
Repair bot :p that is useful.

Reason you want to join Nemetos Order.
I´v been burning for some raiding for some time now, and i want to experience it with some first class players =)

Other things we should know?

* I can join at all days if i get the notice before hand at least a day or two.
* From 17:00 untill 01:00 and weekends are just unlimited
* I have teamspeak and Ventrillo
* 142 days, /played
* Previous guilds. I´v only been in one guild sense TBC , and that is home sweet home, and that guild disbanded sadly :(
* Herm, nothing i can really remember at the moment that i want to add, besides that i hope you at least give me a trail :p,
Anything else just contact me ingame =)
Thank you =)


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