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Hunter apply

Post by Pleo » Mon Apr 14, 2008 6:59 pm

name: Mark Frandsen

Game-Name: Pleo

Age: 18

How i heard: i heard about you from my old guild apologize.. Morfeus is my irl friend so he didt talk about you guys a few times.

In the guild before: no

IN-game Name: Pleo
Class: Hunter
LvL: 70

Experience pre-tbc:
Full AQ20
Full ZG
A little bit Molten Core

Karaxhan - Revered
Grull many times..
SSC- Lurker, Leo, Hydross, morogrim and Vashj
TK - only first boss a´lar


skinning 375
lw: 238

why i want to join: I know that Nemetos Order is one of the best guilds on Kor'gall, and i just whant to gear up fast and help you guys in Sunwill :beer:

Things to Now: i can raid 4 times at Week.. Hard to tell when but very often.. normaly from 16:00 - 24:00
i have teamspeak
Old Guilds: Apologize on Kor'gall and Braindead and Dødspatruljen before Tbc at Sylvanas,


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