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Alias: Panoramixe

Resto Druid Panoramixe

Post by tinytwin69 » Wed Jun 06, 2012 8:09 pm

Name: Laurent
Nationality: Im from Belgium

Character name: Panoramixe
Character class: Druid
Main Spec: Restoration
Dual Spec (if you have one): feral ( DPS )
Professions: Alch / LW
Armory link: ... ixe/simple

1) How long have you been playing WoW?
Since Start TBC, with a few breaks here and there.

2) How long have you been playing the character you're applying with?
Time Played : 12 Days 15 Houres ( in about 5-7 Months )

3) What's your raiding experience?
Vanilla - None :'(
TBC - None i wasnt a raider after all in these times ;P
Wotlk- Ulduar , Naxx , ICC <3<3<3
Cata - FL and DS :P

4) What was your previous guild and why did you leave it?
I just joined a noob lvl 25 guild with to goal. i done my raidings by pugs.

5) What's your motivation to apply to Nemetos Order?
I really want to get back to raiding, more than anything.

6) What can we expect from you?
I am dedicated raider, a fast learner, experienced, social and I am always doing my best.

7) What do you expect from us?
I only need respect.

8 ) Is there someone you know already in the guild who can vouch for you?

9) When can you raid? (At what days, and what times)?
Everyday ;p at any time

10) Do you have any real life obligations which could interfere with our raid times? (monday and wednesday 20:00 till 23:00 ST)

11) What is the spec of your computer and how's your internet connection?
Intel Core I7 i only lagg when my PC gets to hot ;P

12) If you have dual spec, please tell us if you are geared and able to use it well in our raids
I just started but im sure it wont take long since i have the best parts already.

13) Are you able to use and speak on mumble (The voice chat program we use)?
I am , but i detected it can cause me some laggs probs.

14) Any other group or solo activities you enjoy in WoW?
I hate to do something Solo , i need someone too make me enjoy playing WoW ;P

15) Do you have anything else we should know?
I Smoke weed , i probably dont talk to much on mumble ;P :beer:

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