Girvin (Disc preist)

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Girvin (Disc preist)

Post by girvin » Sun Aug 19, 2012 9:41 pm

Name: Martin
Age: 19
In game name: Girvin
Class: Preist
Race: Gnome
Main specc: Disc healing
Off specc: shadow ( still getting the last few gear)
Time played this game: around 8 years soon.

I use to be a raider doing Vanilla - Tbc - and Wotlk. but i toke a break and came back to Cata where i created my own guild with 2 friends. it went okay to start with, but after serveral people keep leaving, and a friend of mine stoped playing. we decided today to actually stop playing and the guild, and find one ourself.
My main experince comes from my Shaman on a server called Kor'gall. i decided to play on this one instead, because it got a higher popularity of players, mine was almost dead.

Im not looking for Hardcore raiding guild, but a raid 2-3 times a weeks is no problem for me to handle. im dedicated and always shop up with positiv mind and flask + foods.

I would like to join a Progress group since gear is less interesting than progress whitch is what i want to do.

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