Requesting Nemetos Order forum acces:Bravewolf

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Requesting Nemetos Order forum acces:Bravewolf

Post by Bravewolf » Fri Jun 15, 2012 2:27 pm


Your forum account name: Bravewolf,

Your ingame name: Bravewolf,

Please add me to NO membership group.

Few words bout me,


I'm 27 yo male originarry from Bucharest/Romania,i'm looking for a friendly and mature community,i'm interested more on the social aspect of this game,wiling to make new friends!


I've started to play this game in december 2007 on the EU-Executus realm wich i have left short time after the release of Cataclysm expansion,due to extremely low population.
I've leveled first this character,but after that started to lvl more and more chars here,ended with like druid,priest,warlock lvl 85 ,mage and rouge lvl 82,they are all like some sort of alts,playing mainly with my DK.

Progress with him is normal DS clear,with 1st boss downed on hc,rest is just some LFR and few other bosses in different raids.

I enjoy playing dual frost,both PvE/PvP,for the PvE i'm like 397 ilvl,as for the PvP i'm like 4,5 k resilience(best team rating was 1,4 k in 2v2,started to pvp only few months ago with one of my workmates ). ... f/advanced

I play this class pretty well ( at least i like to believe that :D ),i'm just waiting for the new expansion,i've done some work with him,having Engi/Mining/Cooking/Fishing/FA/Archa/Riding skills - all of them at max lvl( on the alts i have Encha/Tailoring/Alchemy/Herb at max lvl and JC around 400 skill lvl.

I like to raid aswell,but i'm afraid that my work scheduale don't allow me to do that so often than i would like,i''ll try to attend as much i will can but that would happen mostly on the weekend days ( sunday ) and in one week down from three ( working in 3 shifts),in rest i will try to be as much friendly and helpsfull as i can be with guildmates.

I know this is kinda short apply,but u have to forgive me,haven't done a really aplly since 2010,when i used to raid 4 days / week.

If u think that any/other informations are required don't hesitate to ask me :).

Best regards,


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