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Post by Blaargh2k3 » Wed Sep 25, 2019 2:46 pm

Heya folks,

Not sure if any1 remembers me but i'm the guy that tries to fly full galaxy's with serious lag ^^ .
Came back to PS2 a week ago or so and prolly will keep playing.
Now here's my problem :
Since it has been a while, i lost my log-in stats for my old account for this site.
Any help recovering the account wil be greatly appreciated.

Furthermore me and Kalewreker (a m8 of mine and HH) would like to make use of the TS3 server but my saved pw isn't working.

When the above points are taken care of i'd like to join the MAP forum thread.
Do i need a new invite from HH or some1 or can i get access based on my former membership ?

Thx in advance for any replies.

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Re: Blaargh2k3

Post by Firejack » Wed Sep 25, 2019 9:46 pm

Previous members are always welcome!

There isn't much activity in the Outfit at the moment. Many of us are playing WoW Classic. More then happy to reinvite you to the Outfit/ Teamspeak etc.

Reply here with what time you'll next be online in Planetside 2 and I'll come in game and get you setup! :)
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Re: Blaargh2k3

Post by Blaargh2K3 » Thu Sep 26, 2019 9:53 am

Hi Firejack,

Sry for posting on the wrong place, website and TS3 thread seemed appropriate.
Kalewreker and me are already in the outfit so no need to log a game you're not playing anymore ^^.
I will be on a large part of the coming day's if you still want some direct contact to verify my id for instance.

So do i need to make a new forum-account or is there a way to recover my old one ? np either way tbh.

Also got a TS3 pw from MsBoo from Map but it doesn't seem to work.
(pw i got is a color followed by an obscure name for flying horse ^^).

HH told me about WOW classic but i'm actually taking a break from another mmorpg and tbh i don't feel like playing that
without all the stuff i collected in the original version.
I remember having 2 years of playtime on the WOW account HH and i shared so that's enough anyway imo.
Have fun in Molten core n stuff though :).

Thank you for the quick reply, i'll check back every now and then but i can play the game so no rush.

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