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Terra Nova Platoon :: BBarber4

Posted: Sun Jun 30, 2013 9:50 pm
by bbarber4
SECTION A - General info
Your name : Bryant
Your in game name: BBarber4
Your Age: 24
Nationality: America
How you heard about us: Played some games of Battlefield 3 with a few members in a squad together, those players were : R0M_82 and Chief_Ross
Are you a returning member to the Community? If so, which division where you a member of (Clan Diamond Wolf, Starwolf, Nemetos Order etc)? Not a returning member
Your motivation for joining: Looking for some quality players to squad up with in game. I would like to join up and use voice chat to work together. The players I played with in a squad were really good and fun to play with, so I'd really like to join their community so we could play again together.

SECTION B - Division specific requirements
Are you interested in helping Administrate our Platoon server?: Not really sure what all that entails, but I probably don't have time.
Would you join us on Mumble (voice chat)?: Yes
What is your preferred class?: Assault with M416 or Engineer with G36C