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Posted: Thu Jun 16, 2016 10:19 am
by Estilio
Hi i whould like to apply for a spot in your clan with Battlefield in mind.

Name: Henrik
In-game name: Estilio
Nationality: Swedish
Age: 27
Microphone: Yes
Are you happy using Teamspeak 3: Yes
Games i play: Battlefield, WoW, D3 and Hots

I am real life friend with one of your members "DAoGie" and asked him if the clan had a spot, he told me to apply :)
I have played with alot of your members before on different servers mostly "The Old Gits Army Server" and noticed that TNGC are good players.
I have never been in a BF clan before and would like to try it.

w/e you decide thank you anyway // Estilio :)